The GIANT Bags 4 My Cause Program is designed to make it easy for GIANT customers to contribute to their local community while supporting the environment. The program offers a Bags 4 My Cause Bag with an attached Giving Tag that supports local non-profits in the communities that GIANT serves.

How does the program work?
Every reusable Bags 4 My Cause Bag sold results in a $1 donation to a local non-profit. When a shopper purchases the Bags 4 My Cause Bag featuring the Giving Tag, they have the opportunity to direct the $1 donation to a local non-profit that is important to them. If the shopper does not direct the donation within 7 days, the $1 donation will automatically be directed to the non-profit chosen each month by store leadership at that store location. The reusable Bags 4 My Cause Bag benefits education, health & wellness, hunger relief, military/veteran and civic organizations that are local to GIANT locations.

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